How is Your Mindset Impacting Your Goals?

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“Look at all the things I get to do!” Sometimes a simple phrase is all it takes for the energy to shift.


We made it through the first week of January. Folx have set their goals and declared resolutions, and now it’s time to get down to business. Personally, I have found that goals without the right mindset have been hard to achieve, even when concrete action steps are laid out before us. How we approach the tasks matters.


Do we actually believe we can achieve these goals? Are we surrounded by the right resources or accountability systems? Are our hearts and minds in alignment? Do we feel burdened by the responsibility?


This year, beyond any goals I set for myself, I am thinking about my mindset as I strive to approach life with humility, curiosity, and childlike wonder. And yes, the “childlike” is vital to me as I explore balance.


Towards the end of last year, I had a handful of encounters that led back to this idea of mindset. I will share one here and expand upon it in future posts. 


As part of my coaching work, I regularly support people as they navigate expanding their intercultural competence. One of the tools I use is the Intercultural Development Inventory (IDI). It has quickly become a favorite resource of mine because of the space it creates for people to not only explore how they relate to similarities and differences but also for the pathways it opens up to lean into cultural exploration.


How people respond to the idea of building cultural competencies is nuanced. I come to each assessment debrief open-minded and aware that the conversation can go in various directions. I have had people share that they would love to do this work but don’t know where to fit it into an already busy schedule, others who have told me they are only participating because it is a job requirement, and those who jump head first into the journey with particular zeal.


In most cases, people are eager to see how they might apply this learning to their goals but often do not consider their current mindset or what mindset they would like to develop. So, I was particularly struck by a conversation where my client stated at the top of the call, “I am so excited to talk to you about my development plan. Look at all the cool things I get to do….”


Pause with me for a second and sit with the power of that statement. There are the things we have to do, and then there are the things we get to do. The difference between them can be as simple as how we view them.


There is no requirement for life to be all work or all play, but our attitudes and mindset often dictate how we show up. In a time when change seems to be the only constant, I am evaluating how mindset shifts need to be part of that equation. Asking a fundamental question about my own goals, if I am to be successful, what about my mindset needs to be true in this season? And am I willing to go there and make those shifts?


I am still determining where this year will lead me, but I am fully committed to exploring all that I get to do in 2023!


What mindset shifts are you prioritizing this year?


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