At Culture Principles, we are guided by the belief in the power of co-creation and the collective strength derived from our diverse identities and lived experiences.

We recognize that true collaboration goes beyond mere interaction; it involves a shared commitment to inclusivity and the dynamic interplay of ideas that reflects our core values. Our partnerships represent our dedication to living these principles out loud, fostering an environment where every collaboration is a chance to innovate and enact change. By weaving together the unique perspectives of our partners and team members, we don’t just uphold our mission – we embody it, ensuring that every project we undertake enriches our community and drives us toward a more equitable future.

Meet Our Collaborators 

Sally Stinson Colella (she/her)
Executive Coach

Strengthening Inclusive Cultures and Leading in a Connected World

Jo Xavier Doyle (they/them)
Independent Consultant DEI Advocate, Trainer, Consultant/Implementation Advisor

Intersectionality, Understanding Power/Privilege/Oppression, and LGBTQ+ Inclusion

Lorraine Gordon (she/her)
Founder and Managing Director of Lead with Heart, LLC

Executive Coach, Facilitator, and Consultant

Wendy Moomaw (she/her)
CEO and founder, conscious collaboratory®

Reimagining Leadership, Culture, and Relational Spaces

Kai Stowers (he/him)
Principal Consultant

Intercultural Competence, Executive & Team Coaching, and LGBTQ+ Inclusion

Meet the Culture Principles Team 

Nichole Benard (she/her)
Administrative Manager

Eric “Zach” Zachary
Social Media Manager

Latrice Prater (she/her)
Director of Operations

Shelby Varikatt (she/her)
Tech Coordinator

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