Social Change Now: A Guide for Reflection and Connection

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Recently I had a chance to attend a book talk by Deepa Iyer. Even in our short time together, the sense of community and possibilities that emerged was palpable.

From personal to organizational, the Social Change Map framework is a tremendous resource.

Much of my work is centered around helping organizations build concrete DEI action plans and assisting individuals in understanding their roles within the action steps. This framework brings to life the multitude of skills, ways of thinking, and being that can move us closer to our desired outcome. There is often an overemphasis on trying to solve old problems using traditional means, which can be problematic considering 1) Those solutions aren’t working and 2) We are asking ourselves and others to adopt patterns that may have never been ours to follow. By allowing each person to show up in their strength, we build a collective that can tap into the full power of the community.

Introspection can be challenging in a world that prioritizes a sense of urgency. Having said that, I love a good question, and the book’s reflection prompts have me thinking about my role(s) and where I can best be of service. Taking a much-needed pause, I am further considering how some of these roles can be draining to my spirit and when I may need to step aside so that another might lead from their energy source.

As I think about the many times I and others have been asked, told, or voluntold how to show up, it is not lost on me that we are missing out on the very best our people have to offer by not acknowledging their inherent gifts.

As I continue my work with organizations, I look forward to exploring what might be as we shift from a singular path forward to understanding and valuing the contributions of each team member.

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