August: Insight Conversation Starters

Insights: Conversation Starters

Our aim is to provide you with valuable content centered around cultural competencies and how they can be embraced within organizations. Each month, we will focus on a different aspect of this important subject, starting with “Embracing Cultural Competencies and Intersectionality in Organizations.”

Understanding the concept of intersectionality and promoting cultural competencies is crucial for fostering inclusive environments where every individual feels valued, respected, and heard. Together, we will explore how organizations can engage in meaningful discussions to encourage positive change within workplaces.

To facilitate these conversations within your own teams, we will provide a set of thought-provoking questions related to the monthly discussion topic. These questions can be used as a starting point for your team discussions, helping to deepen your understanding and encourage constructive dialogue.

Stay tuned and join us in exploring how we can collectively create a more inclusive and supportive work environment. We look forward to inspiring conversations and positive change together.

This month, we delve into the vital concept of intersectionality, a framework that acknowledges our complex, interwoven identities that impact our experiences. We will look at how these intersectional identities shape our perspectives in various settings and explore ways to embrace intersectionality to enhance our organizational dynamics. By discussing personal experiences, we aim to build a shared understanding and create an environment that is genuinely inclusive.

Overview: Begin by introducing the concept of intersectionality, which recognizes that individuals possess multiple identities that intersect, shaping their unique experiences and challenges. Encourage participants to reflect on their own intersecting identities and how these aspects impact their perspectives and interactions with others.

Understanding Intersectionality:
➡️ How do your intersecting identities (e.g., race, gender, religion, ability) shape your experiences and perspectives in both personal and professional settings?

➡️ Can you think of instances where individuals’ intersectional identities were not fully acknowledged or understood, leading to exclusion or misunderstanding? How could greater awareness of intersectionality have improved those situations?

➡️ How might embracing intersectionality enhance team dynamics and problem-solving abilities within your organization? Can you envision specific scenarios where diverse perspectives would lead to better outcomes?

If you find value in this discussion, we would be honored for you to share it with your network. If you have ideas for future discussion topics or are looking for a facilitated conversation for your organization, please email

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