Innovate with Identity: Unveiling the Culture-Infused Business Program

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I find it amazing how a single question can bring such clarity. “Is business going well? Are you moving away from DEI? Has your focus changed?” Each is a question I have been asked in this past year.

To these inquiries from assumingly well-meaning people, I respond with unwavering conviction: my focus is stronger than ever. I am practicing the embodiment of precisely what I aspire for my clients – the power to author their own narratives, rooted in their cultural norms and values. It’s about being their fullest selves, not a diminished version.

Presently, I am in Puerto Rico and realizing the next level of a dream. One could say it was a nine-month journey, but the reality is it has been a lifetime in the making. As I graduate from the Hello Seven coaching program in the inaugural cohort, I can tell you I’ve already gotten my R.O.I. because I will consistently and forever bet on me.

You are your most valuable investment. And yet have you stopped to ask, what are you sowing into yourself to guarantee a maximum return?

This particular journey has been about more than personal growth; it’s been about integrating my life’s work with my deepest convictions. Racial justice is economic justice. In a world where DEI faces challenges and outright dismissal, I stand firm in my belief that survival is not the end goal. Rather, what we seek is the consistent ability to thrive.

At Culture Principles, we’re not just continuing our core programming; we’re expanding it. We’re integrating the insights and strategies from my recent coaching experiences to empower historically marginalized communities in building generational wealth. This is about creating spaces where cultural richness is not just included but celebrated as a key part of business success.

So, why now? Because the time to act is always now. The current landscape demands that we double down on our efforts to foster equity and inclusion. As I open up coaching spots, I’m looking for individuals who are ready to transform their businesses, who are eager to infuse their cultural identity into their success stories.

If you’re an entrepreneur seeking to elevate your business, or someone looking to deepen your understanding of cultural competency, let’s connect. Together, we can forge pathways to equity and economic freedom. Reach out to me for more information on business and cultural competency coaching. Let’s make 2024 a year of transformative growth and impactful change!

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