November: Insight Conversation Starters

Insights: Conversation Starters

In November, we are tackling the topic of unconscious biases. These biases can impact underrepresented groups and hinder our path towards inclusivity. Together, we will share strategies to raise awareness of these biases, their impact, and how we can mitigate their effects. This month is about fostering a culture of self-reflection and growth.

Overview: Acknowledge that unconscious biases can hinder inclusivity within organizations. Encourage participants to engage in open conversations about these biases and their potential impact on underrepresented groups. Share strategies to raise awareness and mitigate the effects of unconscious biases in decision-making processes.

  • How can we encourage open discussions about unconscious biases within our teams to raise awareness and promote a culture of self-reflection and growth?
  • What strategies or training programs can we implement to help employees recognize and address their unconscious biases in day-to-day interactions and decision-making?
  • How can leadership set an example in acknowledging and working to overcome their own unconscious biases, fostering a more inclusive environment for everyone?

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