September: Insight Conversation Starters


Our focus in September is the importance of intersectionality in our organizational strategies. How does recognizing and valuing diverse perspectives enhance our decision-making processes and problem-solving abilities? What are the potential challenges to embracing intersectionality, and how can we overcome them? We will engage in conversations aimed at strengthening our mission and core values through an intersectional lens.

Overview: Discuss the importance of incorporating intersectionality into organizational strategies to foster genuine inclusivity. Highlight how recognizing and embracing diverse perspectives can enhance decision-making and problem-solving processes. Encourage participants to share their thoughts on how intersectionality can strengthen their organization’s mission and values.

  • In what ways can we ensure that our organizational strategy explicitly addresses the diversity of our workforce, recognizing the varying needs and experiences of individuals with intersecting identities?

  • How can we create opportunities for underrepresented voices to be heard and actively included in decision-making processes to shape our organization’s direction and priorities?

  • Are there any potential challenges or resistance to incorporating intersectionality into our strategy, and how can we proactively address or overcome these barriers?

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