What Lights Your Fire–A Podcast Conversation on Authenticity

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I had the pleasure of sitting with Dee Hoch from Fire Within Coaching, LLC on Episode 23 of “What Lights Your Fire?”. What lights my fire is helping people and organizations discover their authentic voices. During our discussion, we discuss the importance of authenticity, values, and norms and how they shape our perspectives on success.  We dive into the significance of authenticity in our personal journeys and explore definitions of fulfillment and success – and how those things don’t automatically need to be limited by societal norms. While success may look one way to you, it very likely looks different to me. I believe there is no one singular path forward, and we need to honor our growth and evolving beliefs. In our personal lives and workplaces, can we create spaces that are flexible enough to one, honor multiple perspectives, and two, be flexible in the sense that they create space for that space to shift?

There was a point in my life when I measured myself by other people’s standards. Today, I get to say what is important to me and know that I can step into that reality.




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